In the old days
Villa Somra, as the house was called, was built in 1905 by the Municipal Hedlund. The house was bought 1945 by Mrs Betty Sandin whom transformed the villa into a hotel, which she called Solviken.


At present
Today Solvikens is operated by Inger Håkansson. Inger says that business has changed over the years.
There are not many of the older ladies left, instead, it is young couples, tourists and families with children who represent most visitors.

On Solviken we try to preserve the old spirit that makes the guests feel at home.
Our visitors choose to make day trips to the Kingdom of Crystal, Huseby and Växjö with its glass and emigration museum



Ingelstad is a village situated in Östra Torsås with about 2000 inhabitants.

The town is located near the Kingdom of Crystal and just 17 km south of Växjö.
The village is probably most known for its landmark Ingelingehög that was created during the Swedish Viking period.

At this location it is said that Nils Dacke gathered his army and spoke to all free farmers.

Ingelstad is a beautiful village with its rivers and streams, which jointly runs out of Torsjön. There are obviously modern conveniences

like mail, banking, medical services, pharmacies and libraries.